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A collection of paintings from life back then

I work mainly from old photographs - family snaps and Polaroids. I choose images that tell strangely familiar stories to evoke complex emotions and elusive ideas. Nostalgic certainly, but the word ‘nostalgia’ doesn’t entirely sum up what I’m aiming for.

I wanted to find a word that described a feeling of absence. A fond longing for something that is missing, as well as bitter-sweet remembering. A word that would hit the nail on the head. The word I landed upon is ‘Saudade’ which is common parlance in Portuguese but beyond direct translation to English.Writing for the language website Rosetta Stone, Celinne Da Costa puts it best:

“It describes a deep emotional state; a yearning for a happiness that has passed, or perhaps never even existed. It carries with it a touch of melancholy, yet in that wistfulness there is love as well. One thing is certain: the object or person of saudade does not inhabit the present space or time”.

Louise is happy to discuss ideas and answer any questions about commissions. Please feel free to get in touch directly or take a look at her online shop for original figurative works and prints.

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